Our Mandate

The major mandate of the Department is to provide research-based technologies, technical information for advisory services and products for supporting enhanced agricultural productivity and the production of various crops and livestock (with the exception of tobacco, tea, sugarcane, pigs and forestry).

The technologies, knowledge and information are designed to:

(a) facilitate improved or increased productivity per unit area or per resource quantum,

(b) protect Zimbabwe’s agriculture through the provision of a dependable, effective, efficient and competitive regulatory service that prevents the introduction of pests and diseases and ensures the availability of quality agricultural inputs and products,

(c) deliver specialist services that promote sustainable agricultural and economic growth,

(d) remove drudgery for farmers, speed up activities and save on time, physical and financial resources,

(e) develop value addition technologies to increase farmers’ capacity to generate additional income, and

(f) facilitate the development of agriculture by commercializing research-based technologies.