Main Functions of the institute                                                                                  

Listed below are the main activities of FFR.

  1. Registration of pesticides
  2. Processing of pesticide import and export permits
  3. Regulating the distribution and sale of pesticides
  4. Fertilizers’ registration
  5. Facilitate fertilizer importation
  6. Farm feeds’ registration
  7. Facilitate farm feeds and raw materials importation
  8. Conducting awareness campaigns on issues pertaining to fertilizers, stock feeds and pesticides.
  1. Inspections for compliance with the requirements of the Act  
  2. Discharging advisory services on pesticide use, fertilizer use and lime applications as well as stockfeeds’ recommendations.


The institute has two inspectors based at Forbes and Beitbridge Border Posts. There

are also two inspectors who are based in Masvingo. The remainder of the inspectors are

stationed at Head Office and they move around the country conducting inspections.

The activities of the PRO are registering of pesticides, issuing of pesticides import and export permits, discharging advisory services on issues pertaining to pesticides as well

as conducting awareness campaigns on pesticides-related issues. The office is also

involved in the inspection of pesticides distributors and retail outlets.

Pesticides Registration Office Services and their charges


Registration (Generic)

Registration (Non-generic)

Import Permits

Export Permit

Charge (USD)






Attachment 1 Export Permit Application Form P5 attachment

Attachment 2 Pesticides Registration Procedure  Webpage

Attachment 3 Import Permit Application Form P5

Attchment 4 Pest Control Operator Application P3 attachment

Attachment 5 : Application for Regist Form P1 attachment

Attachment 6 Banned Pesticides_date  in Zimbabwe as at 31 December 2023 webpage

Attachment 7 Registration Renewal Application Form P2

Attachment 8 RetailerDistributor Application Form P4

Attachment 9 Fertiliser and farm feeds Design