The Biometrics and Computer Services is an institute in the Division of Research Services within the Department of Research and Specialist Services. The Biometrics and Computer Services collaborates with research workers in the provision of technical support in the areas of biometry and computer services in the Department of Research & Specialist Services (DR&SS). Biometry is the application of Statistical Methods to biologically related problems.


To collaborate with researchers in the application of Biometry in research experiments and surveys, and in the efficient provision of support services in information technology leading to high quality research work in the Department.


  1. Biometry, survey techniques and information technology services provision
  2. for high quality research work within the Department.

    1.   To collaborate with research workers in the planning, design and analysis of all research experiments and surveys within the Department throughout the year.
    2.   To provide computer support services in maintenance, installations, repairs, upgrades and trouble shooting for all computers in the Department throughout the year.
    1.  To conduct in-service training periodically in Statistical Methods, use of statistical packages and computer use for all research workers within the Department.
    2.  To develop computerized management information packages for use in the agricultural sector.
    3.  To produce the annual DR&SS Research Project Directory for information dissemination

    2. Professional and technical team work, support and excellence in the provision of research services.


The activities of the Biometrics and Computer Services are centered in the following areas: 

Biometrics staff at work

i.                    Biometric Support in all research experiments

  •  Statistical analysis of crops and livestock research data
  • Statistical consultancy service in design and analysis of research experiments
  • Conducting training in biometry and use of statistical packages

  • A Biometrician conducting a Biometry training session to research officers

ii.    Computer Services support to all within the Department

Computer technician at work

    1. Providing computer technical services in computer maintenance, software installations and upgrade, repair and upgrade of computer hardware, computer systems and network administration and trouble shooting on all computers in all divisions within the Department.
      •  Conducting training in computer use
      •  Website Development and maintenance
      • Development of computerized management information systems
      • Archiving research experimental data