The DR&SS was established in 1948. It has evolved over time, while maintaining its primary mandate and functions. The transformation has seen it being consolidated into the following three divisions:

  1. The Division of Crops Research (with 6 institutes and a total staff compliment of 1062);
  2. The Division of Livestock and Pastures Research (with 4 institutes and a total staff compliment of 627) and
  3. The Division of Research Services (with 7 institutes and a total staff compliment of 674).

The DR&SS is headed by a Principal Director, while each of the three Divisions is headed by a Director. Research is an important vehicle for enhancing efficiency of agricultural productivity, production and agricultural development. Research-based information, technologies and products are targeted at improving agricultural performance under various physical and resource environments. On the other hand, agricultural regulatory services protect the nation’s agriculture by preventing the uncontrolled introduction into the country of pests and diseases of quarantine importance, in addition to assuring the nation of quality agricultural inputs on the market.