The Lowveld Research Institute (LVRI) falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development’s (AMID) Department of Research and Specialist Servics’ crops research division. Chiredzi Research Station is the main administrative centre while Chisumbanje and Save Valley Experiment Stations operate as units under the administrative control of the main station (Chiredzi). Each one of the three stations is situated on a different soil type. Chiredzi is on paragneiss soils called the triangle e-series. Chisumbanje is on basalt clays while Save Valley Experiment station is on alluvial soils. Chiredzi Research station was opened in 1967 with the initial objective of investigating problems associated with crop production in the area. Chisumbanje was opened in 1957 with the initial objective of developing irrigation on basalt clay soils of the lower Sabi area. Save Valley was initially opened in the late fifties and closed at the height of the Zimbabwe war of liberation. The station was later rebuild with the assistance of the world bank and reopened at a new site in 1992. To date the mandate of all stations in the institute has expanded to include small scale, communal and resettlement farmers.