Common bean, cowpea and bambara nut constitute the pulses programme and research agenda for these crops is directed by two research officers. Research objectives for bambara nut include high yielding ability (> 1000kg/ha) under farmer conditions, resistance to Fusarium wilt, early maturity (< 145 days) and increased drought tolerance. The cowpea breeding objectives adds resistance to storage pests (bruchids) and field pests (aphids) and increased seed size (between 30 – 40 g/ 100 seed weight) to objectives of the bambara nut. Common bean programme focuses on high yielding (> 2 000 kg/ha) on farmer’s fields, disease resistance (angular leaf spot, common bacterial blight, bean common mosaic virus, rust, anthracnose), field and storage pests resistance (bean stem maggot and bruchids respectively), drought and heat tolerance, low soil fertility tolerance, improved iron and zinc content in varieties and varieties that meet consumer preferences in terms of shape, colour, size, taste and cooking time. CIAT and PABRA actively collaborate in the common bean breeding projects.


a) NUA 45

A new high nutrient bean variety

  •  Yield: 2400 kg/ha in Highveld:   2900kg/ha in Lowveld
  • Maturity: 90 days
  •  Seed Size: Large , kidney shaped seeds, (55g/100 seeds)
  •  Rich in proteins, minerals and fibre
  •  Good source of Iron (95 mg/kg) & Zinc (38 mg/kg)
  •  Fits well in crop rotation systems or as a relay crop
  •  Cultivation ranges from small beds in gardens to bigger plots in the field
  • Balanced nutrition for children and adults. Could be highly beneficial in:

    • Food relief programs for households
    • Feeding schemes at schools and hospitals
    • Reducing anemia in pregnant women
    • For people living with HIV/AIDS
    • b) GLORIA

      A new sugar bean variety

      • Yield: High, 2,400 kg/ha in Highveld & 3,000 kg/ha in Lowveld
      • Diseases: Resistant to Bean rust & Bacterial blight
      • Maturity: Early, 93 days
      • Seed Size: Large seeded (44g/100seeds)
      • Potentially easy to market with good prices



      No.1 Substitute for IT18

      • CBC2 is a high yielding cowpea variety with a yield potential of 4 000 Kg/Ha
      • It is the best substitute for IT18
      • Good resistance to scab, ascochyta, bacterial blight and most viral       diseases
      • Good tolerance to drought
      • Matures in approximately 85 days from planting
      • Large seeded ( 44g/100seeds)