The core functions of the institute are to:

  • Conduct research for development of appropriate and sustainable coffee production technologies.
  • Package and disseminate relevant information on coffee production.
  • Conduct extensionists and farmer training courses on appropriate coffee production practices.
  • Mobilize new farmers into coffee production.
  • Characterize and conserve coffee genetic material.
  • Produce planting materials for farmers.
  • Evaluate pesticides and fertilizers for efficacy
  • Provide advisory services on coffee management.
  • Create linkages and partnerships with stakeholders in the coffee industry


To establish for local conditions factual information on which improved and more efficient methods of coffee production can be based on.


To become a hub of regional information exchange and technology development on coffee production.


The main objective of the institution is to establish and disseminate technologies for the sustainable production of coffee through appropriate and relevant research in Zimbabwe.

 Coffee Research Institute is divided into three research sections namely agronomy, pathology, and entomology. These sections are a driving force behind the research program ably supported by the farm and administration section. Below is an overview the objectives of the sections.