Agronomy Research Institute (ARI) is a government research institution that has its headquarters situated along fifth street extension in Harare. The Institute falls under the Crops Research Division of the Department of Research and Specialist Services (DR&SS) in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation Development.


ARI was established on 1 July 1976 within the DR&SS. It was established to improve coordination and administration of national crops research work in the DR&SS.

Our Mission

To generate and provide research-based agronomic technologies which promote viable, sustainable and increased crop productivity and production in Zimbabwe and beyond.

 Our Core functions


  1. 1.Conduct research to develop appropriate field crop production technologies for use by farmers
  2. 2.Package and disseminate improved research-based crop management technologies, knowledge and information that promote increased and sustainable agricultural productivity and production
  3. 3.Collect and evaluate, characterize and conserve plant and crop germplasm for propagation and distribution to growers as well as for future use
  4. 4.Offer advisory services on crop production related issues
  5. 5.Conduct screening of herbicides on all crops for registration purposes.
  6. 6.Train farmers on appropriate crop production practices

Our Core Values

Teamwork, Professionalism, Creativity, Motivated Staff, Integrity, Accountability, Commitment, Transparency, Environmental Consciousness.