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Beans are an important pulse crop in Zimbabwe. Not only are they affordable, they provide proteins, important micronutrients (iron & zinc) and complex carbohydrates. Moreover, they improve soil fertility and are a good source of income for rural households since they are sold in various forms (snaps, grain, tinned). Despite the importance of the crop, challenges are still faced in its production. Abiotic (poor soil fertility, poor agronomic practices, climate change) and biotic (pests and diseases) stresses meant that beans were falling far short of their potential for improving incomes, food and nutrition security.Read More

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Bean Breeding

The bean breeding programme’s research is currently working on the following bean market classes, sugar type, calima and navy bean. The primary focus is developing nutritionally rich high-yielding .Read More 

Bean Program Impact

Adoption of climbing bean varieties substantially increased over the past 15 years, occupying about 43 percent of the national area planted to beans.Read More

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